A complete guide for those who have the basic knowledge of haircut, colouring or treatments and want to take their career to the next level

Program Description

This program is best suitable for hair dressers who have the basic knowledge of haircut, colouring or treatments and want to take their career to the next level. And, also for those who want to start their career in the field of hairdressing, with a professional finesse in their hair craft.

Program Details

  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Daily Class: 3 Hours
  • Days: Monday to Friday

Professional Hair Cutting

- Career In Hair Dressing
- Client Consultation , Communication & Behaviour
- Self & Guest Client Position
- Preparation Of Work Area
- Draping Techniques
- Hair Tools Theory
- Hair Tools Usage
- Professional Attitude / Communication Skills
- Skills Physical Presentation On The Job
- General Salon Hygiene
- Tools Used For Haircutting & Safety Considerations
- Personal Hygiene & Appearance
- Identify Client Needs & Wishes
- How To Make Recommendations To Clients
- Shampooing, Conditioning, Hair & Scalp Massage
- Hard & Soft Effects Of Cut
- Hair Cuts for Children
- Multiple Ways Of Cutting Fringes Or Bangs
- Straight Trimming
- U Trimming
- V Trimming
- Layer Cutting
- Step Cutting
- Achieving Lift & Volume
- Before , After & During The Cut
- Hair Care
- Types of Hair
- Hair Sectioning
- Hair Guidelines
- 45° Hair Cut
- Voluminous Step Cut
- Cut According to Face Shapes
- Bangs Cut
- Long Bob / Graduated Cut
- Front French Layer Cut
- Volume Cut
- Spilt Ends Cutting
- Feather Cut
- Razor Etching
- Pointing
- Notching
- Scissor Control
- Comb Handling Techniques

Professional Hair Color

- Introduction to Hair Dye
- What is Color ?
- Color Principles
- Hair Structure & Natural Pigment
- Hair Texture
- Hair Density
- Hair Levels
- Hair Lightening Products
- Levels Of Lightening
- The Colour Wheel (The Law Of Colour)
- How To Identify Natural Hair Color and Tone
- Hair Tools
- Hair Types
- Hair Sectioning
- Virgin Hair
- How To Consult Client
- Importance of Skin Test
- Importance of Strant Test
- Treated Hair
- Briefing of Shade Card
- Cap Forecasting
- Grey Root Cover with Natural Dye
- Grey Root Cover with Fashion Dye
- Base Color Change with Direct Hi-Lift Dyes
- Hair Structure And Natural Pigment
- Melanin
- The Lightning Of Melanin
- Dominant Underlying Color
- The Effect Of Texture And Porosity
- Categories Of Hair Coloring Products
- The Universal Method Of Formulation
- Analyzing The Hair
- The Key Factors That Affect The Color Result
- Color Variants
- Changing The Natural Color
- The Client’s Preferences
- Professional Opinion : The Colorist Objective Advice
- Practicality : The Maintenance Factor
- Formulation Guidelines
- Neutralization Of Unwanted Tones
- Checklist & Summary
- Coloring Over Porous Hair
- Hair Affected By Minerals
- Hair Affected By Medications
- Removal Of Synthetic Hair Dye Or Decolouring
- Color Correction (Two Step Process- Pre Pigmentation & Tinting Back)
- Full Head Highlight
- Baby lights + Toning
- Ombre Techniques
- Somber Techniques
- Balayage Technique
- Crown Area Streaking
- Shampoo & Conditioning
- Oil Usage advantages & Disadvantages
- Pre-Lightening
- Low lite with direct lifting
- Point Shading
- Free Hand Technique
- Funky Colors theory

Professional Hair Treatment

- Tools Briefing
- Products & Brand Details
- Anatomy of Hair & Scalp
- Career in Hair Chemical
- Client Consultaion, Communication & Behaviour
- Self & Guest Client Position
- Preparation of Work Area
- Shampoo & Condtioning
- Rebounding
- Relaxing
- Protein Treatment
- Client details
- Client consultation
- Previous chemical usage
- Brands in market
- Professional Attitude / Communication
- Skills Physical Presentation On The Job
- General Salon Hygiene
- Tools Used For Haircutting & Safety Considerations
- Personal Hygiene & Appearance
- Brand according to budget
- Hairs types
- Extenso
- Keratin treatment
- Keratin Relaxing
- Hair Glossing
- Work on damage Hair
- Work on Virgin hair

Portfolio Development

As part of the programme, students will be given an opportunity to create a look which helps them put their key learnings into practice. We believe a strong and well-developed portfolio is key essential to a hair artist’s presentation of their work to prospective clients and employers.

Program Requirements

In order to seek admission in this program you must fulfill following conditionalities:

(i) You will be required to bring a stand with mannequin (Original Hairs), a model for yourself to practice haircut, color & treatment.
(ii) For all haircut, color and treatment programs, the students will necessarily require their own set of professional tools.
(iii) Students can acquire their hair kit as they go along, since this program also provides information on how to build your kit.
(iv) The minimum age for entry to this program is 16 years and above.

Admission Requirements

These documents need to be presented at the time of registration:

(i) Provide an official copy of CNIC.
(ii) Complete Application form with 1 colored passport size – photographs.
(iii) Sign an official enrollment agreement.
(iv) Copy of Certificate previously courses attended (If Applicable)
(v) A personal interview will be conducted, before the admission.